AppNana Hack Generator How To Get Unlimited Nana Codes and Points

Android, iOS, Other / Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

After 2 months of testing the algorthytm we can finally say that we have finished and launched a premium AppNana hack that will be shared only to a limited amount of people, so as long as you can see this post, the hack for nanas is still open for you. AppNana is one of the most popular reward apps for iOS and Android and a hack for this was often requested by people.

AppNana Hack

This is what you will be downloading, the latest version of the AppNana Hack tool, one that beats by far any type of nanas generator you might find elsewhere on the internet. It is impossible to generate nanas from an online generator and we can explain more about that later on, but it is quite possible to get nanas by using this Appnana cheat that you will download. You can scan it first and you will see that it is 100% a clean file, with not even 1 virus and not even a false-positive.

appnana hack


It’s pretty simply to use this nana hack, you won’t need to search anymore for AppNana codes because all you need to know is your AppNana referral code which you will type into this program, then enter the amount of free nanas you want to generate for your account. You can’t be banned since the AppNana hack is using a dynamic proxy redistribution, which means that even if your accounts gets the nana points you add, it won’t detect in their system that it was you who specifically got those free nana points.

Even if you are using this bot to hack nanas for Android or iOS, what you should keep in mind is that with these free appnana points you are going to trade them for Amazon, Google Play and iTunes gift cards. Therefore, we recommend that when you trade nanas for your prizes, do not trade millions on nanas all in the same day. Make sure to trade every day, more or less nanas, to stay under the radar. Normally you should not be banned, but if you want to be able to withdraw the prizes with all the nanas you will get, it’s better to go safe; it goes without saying that this Appnana bot is a limited edition, which means that we will occasionally make it public every now and then, so it won’t be accessible for long to everyone. Below we can see an old screenshot proof of our first test on using this Appnana cheat and that account is still up to this day.

appnana hack

Step by step instructions:

  1. Open the AppNana hack tool and click ‘Select Device’
  2. From there pick iOS or Android and connect with your USB cable to your device where AppNana is installed
  3. In the ‘Tool Features’, insert your referral code and also how many Nanas you want to generate
  4. Hit the button ‘GENERATE’ and wait for full synchronization to take effect
  5. Unplug the USB cable, close the AppNana hack tool, and go check your balance! Enjoy!


Does this cheat tool work?

YES – 216 – VOTES   NO – 0 – VOTES

Gaining AppNana Referrals

While some of you are searching for a bot, other people still prefer to go the classic way and gain referrals without using an Appnana hack generator for points. One of the easiest way to gain more Appnana referrals is if you already own at least a medium sized YouTube channel and put your referral codes in the description or create new videos especially for this.

An alternative would be to create free blogs where you can explain to your visitors, what is Appnana, how it works and place in there your code saying that your code will give them a certain amount of bonus points. It would be best to target people that are interested into mobile games, as with Appnana you can earn more nanas when you install the apps they offer.

AppNana Codes

Once you have installed this app you will be looking for places that are sharing free appnana codes and while you can find and redeem such nana codes from other sites or friends, not all codes will offer a meaningful amount of points for you. We used to offer a huge list of codes, but as we acquired a very large database of codes, we succeeded in implementing and integrating them into our Appnana bot along one nana glitch that can automate the generation of free appnana points.

appnana hack bot

This AppNana bot was very difficult to code, compared to other normal gaming generators, the algorithm to make this nana generator was different and unexpectedly very time consuming.

So if you are wondering how to get free nanas without a code, the best and most effective method is via this generator. Some of you might be interested into Amazon cards and for sure this is an excellent way to obtain them, other might go with iTunes, but most of the people are interested into Google Play and XBOX gift cards.

How To Use This Appnana hack To Redeem Your Free Gift Cards Successfully

This AppNana hack is one intermediate method to help you get these cards, but keep in mind that you should not abuse on redeeming these cards, and simply imagine what would a real person from top 20 nana point earners could possibly redeem in one day, everyday. We have redeemed around 7-10 cards per day with no problems regarding getting banned. It also makes no difference if you are using AppNana from iOS or Android, just remember to not go wild to redeem 100 gift cards per day as this might raise a flag for manual investigation of your account.

There are thousands and thousands of transactions made in the this app, therefore not all of them can be supervised by a real person, and it is up to Appnana’s own program to sort all things out. You can add as many nanas you wish with our cheat, but withdraw no more than 10 giftcards per day.

appnana hack

You can try and use more, we are not sure about the limit, but as a guess we can say that if you are going to withdraw 50 cards per day, there will be a red flag raised on you especially for new accounts. On the other hand, if you are using an old account, you could redeem up to 25 gift cards per day using nana points, without getting banned. Even if you would have your account banned, you can always make a new one and repeat the process, but you will have to change your IP as well when you will register for a new account, however if you follow our recommendation, you won’t need to obtain a new Appnana account. Have fun!


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  1. The best nana trick I have seen so far, kinda hard to get but it worth it. I hope it won’t get patche because it is very useful to me, thank you!

  2. Confirming I succesfully added my nanas with this. I don’t understand why other people think this is a virus, I scanned the file with and with my own antivirus and it is a clean file. Actually, the less people using this method, the better. The less known it is, the more it should last 🙂

  3. thank you so much for this
    you really saved my day, i was so sad and bored now this… oh the gifts imma get ^^ didnt generated too much, i only put 300 000 nanas

  4. me llevó ocho minutos para descargarlo. no sólo a 2 minutos como usted ha mencionado , pero que vale la pena el tiempo. muchas gracias

  5. Le agradezco mucho , no me lo podía creer , pero después de genero mis nanas , ahora aparecen tan rápido gracias de nuevo !!! te quiero

  6. I just generated myself 600 000 nanas, I sincerely did not thought that this will work for me but it did when I saw 602 140 nanas in my account (i had only 2140 before) I was shocked :O gg

  7. WOW wtf it worked!!! i was bored and just downloaded it but i did not thought it can generate that much nanas! tyyyyy


  9. WOW! just downloaded it and it works but guys hide this fast because it will get patched or i don’t know i just need to use it for all my friends as well

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