Club Penguin Codes List (Free & Working)

We know you hate doing surveys in order to get something, so we won’t put a survey on these codes. That’s why, here are a total of 2500 coins gathered from 5 free Club Penguins Codes, and more exactly, 500 coins per each code used.

Check list of the new Club Penguin codes:

  4. VERDE201
  5. COBRASo8 (forgot if that is an o or a zero, before 8)

Go to the bottom page of Club Penguin, and click ‘Unlock Items’. Make sure you are logged in, click on ‘I have a code’, insert it in there and voila! 5 Club Penguin Codes x 500 coins = 2500 free club penguin codes!


We added a bunch of other not-so-old codes, just that we’re not sure that all of them (the ones below) are working anymore. It should, but it’s up to you to discover.

  • TOGETHER -> 500 Coins
  • SHRIMP64 -> 500 Coins
  • BIGWHITE -> 500 Coins
  • MMCODE11 -> 500 Coins
  • MMCODE13 -> 2500 Coins
  • MMCODE 12 -> Guitar Shirt

You should also check our previous post regarding Free Club Penguin Codes, in case you want more coins and items than you already have, and in case something is wrong (not working), please leave a comment below. Remember that these codes are not locked by a survey, as compared to other premium cheat tools, so feel free to use them on as many accounts as you have.

guitar shirt club penguin codes

The above picture is a screenshot of the use of MMCODE12 code, which gives a free Guitar Shirt. However, if you are tired of looking for free codes everyday, grab yourself a Club Penguin Membership Generator that will simply increase your gaming experience and let you become a true CP rockstar!

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