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Android, iOS / Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

Finally we have unpatched the Club Penguin hack for free membership and it’s the best method to obtain unlimited CP Coins as it is very easy to use and there are no other similar CP hacks that can match the quality of our Club PI generator. This is one of PinCheat’s first hacks ever, we launched it many years ago when the game was just a browser game, and throughout time many people used it happily, it got patched many times but we always managed to unpatch it and get it to work again. Now, we proudly present you the hack for Club Penguin Island and also for the CP Rewritten version, and to find the links for using these CP cheats, keep scrolling.

club penguin hack coins

Club Penguin Hacks

Do you remember about the good old days when people were able to play freely without even caring about using a Club Penguin hack or a cheat just to be able to use the game? In the new version of this game, which is full of glitches anyway, creating a CP hack for coins and membership was not really as hard as we thought it would be. Even the game itself looks very unfinished, like there are a ton of things missing, and the old version is dearly missed by everyone.

One of the most wanted Club Penguin hacks is the Club Penguin coin generator, which can add to your account millions of coins without having to share any password (remember, never to share your account’s pass with anyone, no matter what they promise).

club penguin coin hack

Club Penguin Coin Hack

Some of you might try to find some codes that will give them coins, however you should know that such codes are rarely shared and their data needs to match with CP server in order to be activated. As we said above, the new version of this game is full of bugs, so after finding a Club Penguin coin glitch, it was quite easy to implement it into a CP coin generator. These cheats are very different than most sites offering a Club Penguin coins hack, as the way we code this generator is unique and will never require your password. Besides this, you can be assured that this generator is clean, you can scan it yourself if you wish so and there won’t be any false-positives as it is on other sites.

You should use this Club Penguin Island coins hack as we instruct you here, if you want to never get banned. The most we recommend on generating for your account in one day, is 1 million CP coins (or 999,999 to be more exact). You can generate as many coins as you like, but we would advise to wait a few hours before generating again, because if your account suddenly has 1 million coins, everything will be alright, but if it will have 20 million coins in 10 minutes, that might raise a flag for manual review on your account. Either way, we recommend to use a fresh new account, but the chance to get banned is under 1% because everyone who followed our advice reported back that their account is still up!

Club Penguin Free Membership Generator

Our Club Penguin hack can also provide a free Club Penguin membership, by adding your account ID to membership list inside the database of the game, straight through the server, anonymous and without footprints. This will grant your Club Penguin account a free membership for 3, 6 or 12 months, the choice is yours. The code you will receive is going to match your account from their database that was added via our generator; we also add protection against bots and leechers from abusing our hack so that this Club PI online generator will not get patched fast.

club penguin free membership

Even if this game is currently not as good as its predecessor, we are positive that the developers will continue to improve the gaming experience, therefore having a membership from now will assure you to enjoy all of the features and benefits the game has to offer.

club penguin island membership free hack

The Best Club Penguin Cheats Are Always Hard To Find

You already know this, you have tried searching for a good and working CP cheat and you have seen for yourself how hard it is to find a working Club Penguin code for coins or membership. Many sites also promise to give you a membership, but they ask for a pass. Why? Why would they need something like that, it is very obvious that they can’t give a membership and all they want is your pass; stay away from those sites.

Some players are looking for a Club Penguin private server, but mostly this is not for Club PI and instead it is for Club Penguin Rewritten version. If you sign up in those places, make sure that you will use a new username and password in there, as those places think that players will use the exact same logins, so remember this.

If you master this game well, then you can most definitely complete all the Club Penguin missions, but if you will get stuck on a certain level, make sure to read our guides regarding how to complete each mission successfully.

club penguin coin hack proof


Go here to use this hack:

The above link is a Club Penguin Island hack for coins and free membership. If you are searching a hack for CP Rewritten, see below.

Club Penguin Rewritten can be hacked for adding coins to your account the same way as the original version since many elements of the game’s source code are identical, except the ones that makes the difference of domains. If you have encountered a Club Penguin Rewritten hack for coins on other places where you are requested to add your pass as well, do not use those! If you did, change your pass immediately. Our CP rewritten coin adder or as some of you call it CP money adder, it will never ask you for your password.

club penguin rewritten coin adder

This is a very simple cheat tool, it is not an online CP generator as the one for the new version, but it is easy to use. It is the same generator that we launched for the original game, we simply modified it accordingly, updated it and tested it with no problems so it is ready to be used.

Start by clicking ‘Get a key’ and after that, a pop up box will appear asking for your CP rewritten username. Write that into the box, type OK, and after 20 seconds, a new pop up box with a key code will appear. Copy that code and paste it into the field in this Club PI generator where it says ‘Activation Key’. The last thing to do is to hit the ‘Activate’ button, wait around 30 seconds, and you will receive a random amount of Club Penguin coins, from 50,000 up to 999,999 coins. For this version of the game, you can use it for an unlimited amount of times, as you will not get banned.

Here is the download link for the Club Penguin Rewritten coins hack:

Go here to download it:

If you need help, leave a comment below regarding which version of the game you are trying to activate the cheat for, and we will make sure to reply as soon as we can. Beat the game, don’t let the game beat you!


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