DOTA 2 Weaknesses and Strenghts Of Support Heroes

There is an old saying in the realm of Dota: bears win battles, supports win matches. There is no denying the benefit of the fully – farmed Antimage scything through systems and characters like they were rice-paper, or the almost boundless freedom of the high-level Storm Nature bounding over the chart with impunity. But behind every fat, content carry is really a hardworking help hero.

Within this manual, we’ll review typical (and ultimately, unusual) assistance heroes, deteriorating their advantages and disadvantages and determining their differentiating characteristics, allowing you to really understand when to decide them and the way to take advantage of these. However, before we begin, allow me to say a couple of words relating to this malfunction.

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The info below is aimed at newer players, particularly those looking to begin playing supports or than they are used to attempt different supports. I find it really helps to read lots of different guides if you are seeking to comprehend a hero, therefore utilize the tips below that will assist you to hone in on the support hero that’ll match – or problem – your playstyle.


Rylai the Crystal Maiden is definitely an unbelievable friend and street partner for characters with powerful earlygame injury potential. While Frostbite is a fairly powerful eliminate that deals damage with time, very Nova decreases in an extensive region with great damage. Together, they join to create Crystal Maiden a significant danger in street. Very Maiden also assists her group by using their mana needs through the entire sport through her international Arcane Feeling, which offers a little but critical powerful to mana regen. Rylai himself reaps twice the advantage of the air, enabling her to shore up her flaws of survivability and flexibility and allowing her be somewhat more discerning about which particular thing she develops.


Crystal  Maiden’s greatest, Cold Area, is just a channeled spell and therefore is difficult to utilize, leading several builds inform skilling it last or never. You could find more usage from Cold Field – in case your group has a giant initiator – Tidehunter, Enigma, Beastmaster, as well as Naga Alarm. But if you really would be the hero your group is planning to for decreases and stuns, stay with those abilities and also do the best that you can. Flash Dagger and cat Scepter are both great alternatives.

Because the game wears on a strong earlygame helper, Crystal Maiden starts to drop off. Dota 2 gamers will probably be made to concentrate on remaining alive, attempting to match faster downline, and avoiding progressively harmful foe characters. In the event that you offered your take a great beginning and did your work well, this will matter little. A given, fat, and happy bring will be the compensation for a support’s great work.


In case your group has a great amount of stuns and disables, or you are seeking to produce a push-focused selection, Venomancer is really an all-natural pick for your 4-5 function. Veno’s Trouble Wards are his most remarkable capability, enabling him to help or hamper pushes effortlessly and supply early eyesight to observe wards or tip-off foe ganks.

Venomancer’s additional skills are about harm; especially, harm over time. Attempt to make use of it in conjunction with stuns or nukes out of your lane partner to obtain first blood. Venomancer’s inactive ability, Poison Sting, also unites a gradual and damage over time impact. Consider having a stage in it in the beginning to reprimand opponents who get too near your seeps. Lastly, Venomancer’s greatest skill, Poison Nova, offers powerful harm as time passes in a broad distance. If utilized in the beginning of the lengthy team battle it may assist your team extremely.

dota 2 venomancer

Veno is really a help who supports testing. He is quite thing-independent, but advantages properly from gear that provides access to disables, statistics, and mana regen. Think about a Darkness Edge to losing your wards, shark across the chart and seeking to harass remote heroes, if you receive an excellent beginning. It may be hard to obtain a single kill, if you don’t find someone especially squishy, but you’ll be purchasing your group time and room to plantation up and plan the concluding blow.


Lina the Slayer stays a favorite pick for the 4-5 position among aggressive groups, including Natus Vincere’s chief Puppey. Lina is really a assistance with powerful ganking possible, together with the challenge that her capabilities require a little ability to utilize to their own full potential. Her Monster Slave offers great AOE harm on a considerable range, making for if you want that last little destruction to ensure the destroy a pleasing skillshot, therefore Dota 2 is not a simple game. Light Hit Variety is damage that is packed by a delayed stun as well. Both of these capabilities can often assist you to secure a kill, if laning using a carry using a stun in their particular like Luna, Sven, or Alchemist.

dota 2 lina

Late-game, Lina brings heat to a drive, using Monster Slave to harm a structure or barracks with Hot Soul immediately clear a trend and fast – boosted autoattacks. Ultimately, Lina’s notable greatest is Laguna Edge, among the finest singletarget nukes within the game with excellent range, excellent destruction, and quite a acceptable cool-down.

Check out play to Lina’s power as a ganker, connecting up with several other stun-competent characters and harshly acquiring kills at each chance. In group fights, attempt whenever a Monster Servant or several right clicks might achieve exactly the same task, although prevent losing it like a finishing strike to make use of Laguna Edge to have a highvalue goal out of the battle immediately. Come amount six, you ought to be always on the go, seeking to assist your bring and damage your Dota 2 competitors.


Bane has found a rise within the aggressive meta recently, and for justification: as single-goal disablers and nukers move, Bane is unequaled. Mind Sap is really a single – goal nuke that harms repairs Bane and enemy, also it creates a natural item choice is Rung by Soul.

Bane’s two hinders, Nightmare and Fiend’s Grasp, have different mechanisms but the exact same objective: removing a goal in the struggle until it is too late to allow them all to really make a distinction. Headache is really a charm that may create a gank or maintain Bane living in a good place. Are going to die from a charm like Disaster. they you may cast it on yourself to help keep opponents from assaulting you (lest move the Headache to themselves) and may they refuse partners with it, if.

dota 2 bane

With great package of abilities and his high foundation movement speed, Bane may concentrate on establishing ganks beginning at stage 6. Doing this is critical in Dota 2, as Bane’s poor assault injury and cartoon indicates he is going to be dependent on kills and aids to construct crucial pieces and remain applicable to the late-game. Bane gamers should avoid the impulse to jump in instantly, rather trying to get rid of key players in the enemy team, when battles start. Consider the chance to remind them that they are far from invulnerable whenever you remain, should you notice an enemy carry put their Dark King Club.


Do you dislike your opponents? Would you need to reprimand them using four capabilities, each doing different things, for optimum “go all the way you” variable? Lion may open on opponents with World Increase, a manually-targeted stun with great variety. Great placement with Earth Spike enables you to stun multiple enemies simultaneously, in order to decide the greatest target for your eliminate, Hex.

dota 2 Lion

After all of this, you are likely low on mana, therefore a place in Mana Drain will allow you to fill up, both from enemy characters that are roaming near or enemy ranged creeps. Finally, Lion’s greatest will be the powerful nuke Hand of Death. It’s a longer cooldown than comparable capabilities, like Lina’s Laguna Edge, but has a greater base variety and base harm. Use it in order to open a battle by removing huge pieces of an adversary hero’s HP, maybe also taking an enemy assistance downright.

In regards to his capabilities a generalist, Lion may perform nicely without early plantation in Dota 2, though he gains from pieces to help his mana regeneration and also to reinforce his low health swimming. Without a lot of farming possible, you need to check out enjoy the ruins and ease ganks. If things are going extremely good, grab a Dagon and perform the gunslinger – wand in a single hand, another providing your opponents the hand… of departure.


Shadow Demon has continued a fixture of aggressive play for a while, and for good cause. Most significant among his capabilities is Spirit Catcher, on the random single-target in its place damage that is amplified by a spell. This spell, which may be forged through Shadow Demon’s Interruption skill, makes him an exceptional ganking helper.

dota 2 shadow demon

Perturbation deserves a section to itself. You should use Interruption to harm and avoid stuns, eke out a little extra DPS when pressing a structure, or purchase plenty of time for the team mates to change and arrive a gank about, when cast on yourself or on friends. On opponents, Perturbation is better served to create postponed stuns like Lina’s Light Hit Variety, Leshrac’s Crack Planet and Kunkka’s Bittorrent. In Dota 2, during teamfights, put it to use on adversary bears so that your illusions hand out maximum damage.

Shadow Demon’s other two capabilities further enrich his varied skill set. Darkness Poison supplies an alternative for nuisance, can be utilized for searching, and provides expensive farming possible to you against ideologies and creeps. Demonic Clear is a sluggish which also removes enthusiasts from its goal. It may instantaneously eliminate summons, such as the, golem from Warlock’s greatest.

Shadow Demon is equally as adaptable with things as he’s with capabilities, and makes a great company for Mekansm or Tube of Understanding. When the complement goes well and you are seeking to get some fun, consider getting a Dagon and providing alone the 1 to adversary characters – 2 – 3 force of Spirit Catcher, Perturbation and a really debilitating move.

Before even considering to pick one, make sure you learn everything you need to know about Dota 2 positions, and only after that see what heroes fits best for you.

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