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Other Hacks / Saturday, June 11th, 2016

One of the most requested program, the Feature Points hack took quite a while to be created, but we finally implemented into our last update the Proxy use and the Anti Ban protection, meaning that your account will NEVER get banned as long as you don’t forget to select those boxes. It will take a bit longer to generate your points and referrals, with only a few seconds more, but it’s worth it rather than not using it at all.

Feature Points Hack

This is what you will be downloading, the latest version of Feature Points Hack tool

feature points hack


The use use of this Feature Points hack tool is basically simple, you need to enter your correct referral code which would work as a detection for your username ID, or in other words so that that software will know where to send the points. If you prefer to add referrals to your account, you can do it in the same way with the points, but don’t add a number like “9999999” for referrals, because you will appear in the top of the leaderboard for top referrals, and you will draw attention. As far as for the Feature Points, you can generate any amount you wish, and as long as you are using the Anti-Ban protection, you will NOT be banned.

Step by step instructions:

  1. Open the Feature Points hack tool
  2. Plug in your device with your USB cable, select your device and click the “Connect” button
  3. After the detection and connection has been made, a new message should pop up saying ‘Device Connected Successfully’, so click OK to confirm
  4. First of all, select the Anti-Ban protection and the Proxy use, it is highly recommended, and although it may take a few more seconds to generate, it’s a better choice to go with than without
  5. In the Feature Points hack, input your correct referral code, and after that insert any amount of Feature Points you wish to add; if you want to know how to add Feature Points referrals as well, simply write the amount of referrals you want to create under your account in the last box
  6. Click the button ‘GENERATE’ and that’s it, wait for the bar to finish until it’s 100%, after that unplug your USB cable and check your account! Have fun!


Does this cheat tool work?

YES – 13029 – VOTES   NO – 17 – VOTES


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7 Replies to “Feature Points Hack”

  1. After I hit generate, as soon as it finished, I checked my account and there it was.. 1 fucking million points OMG.. what do I do now? stay under radar or what.. omg I’m so happy I’m gonna use this to add points for my friends too

  2. WOW THANK YOU SO MUCH !!! I didn’t need many points but this hack helped me get just what I needed and the referrals do not come instantly but they DO come in a few hours and i think they are real i dont know how but this made my day

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