Free Club Penguin Codes 2013

Great news, today we released  new and free Club Penguin codes that will generate you 1500 coins for free,  that can be used by everyone.

Pin Cheat release of Club Penguin Codes:

REDSCARF – 500 coins

NOWHERE7 – 500 coins

PERCIVAL  – 500 coins

In your Club Penguin game (in the bottom side), click ‘Unlock Items’ and insert in there the above codes to get your free coins, or simply use a Club Penguin Membership Generator if you want to play that game at a whole new level, just that once you get rich in-the-game, you might tend to get bored faster, as in real life. Watch the below video to see in action how these free Club Penguin codes are being used.

As a bonus note, use this other Club Penguin code called DISNEYMY ; this will generate for you, from the Monsters University, a free Percy costume.  This can be used by any account, and new others will come shortly. Stay tuned to Pin Cheat as we release new Club Penguin codes on a weekly basis, and you can also learn new Club Penguin cheats that will rock your Club Penguin world for sure.

free club penguin codes

These weeks, Club Penguin has finally launched the Monsters University Takeover that everybody has eagerly been awaiting!
Whenever you sign in the very first thing that occurs in the party is right. A display should appear giving the selection to you of a group to pick. Click the one that you desire and you have something from the group you picked! I determined to continue Team ROR.

A new pin cheat was released and it was also made public, however this can get patched fast in case they will find out about it. You shouldn’t take advantage of this Club Penguin cheat, but it’s up to you how you earn your coins.

Keep in mind that this new pin cheat works on iPad and if it tells you exactly how several coins you’ve earned, hit your home button to near the application. Then re-open the software. Tap yes and it’ll return towards the display informing you how several coins you got. Struck the house button again to near the app, reopen it, duplicate. Do this as often as you’d like to. When you’re done gathering your coins, assess your penguin’s coin balance. I finished with 38, 120 coins and began with 31, 616 coins. 31, 616 542 is NOT 38, 120, but because of the cheat I kept getting whenever to 542 coins I re-opened it and shut the application.

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