How To Win In Shadow Fight (Strategy Guide)

When playing Shadow Fight game, there are small things you could do to enhance the odds of winning all these Shadow Fight battles, instead of merely slamming your keyboard around. If you will read below, you will find a of all actions, strategies, and approaches you could execute both in and out-of your battles. By using and utilising all these suggestions and guides, you’ll have higher chance at defeating your Shadow fight competitors. Feel free to share these tips with your Shadow Fight clan members and Facebook buddies.

Learn & Practice ALL the Shadow Fight Moves

Discover what sort of keyboard combinations will activate particular movements. Learn and call the sort of destruction, and if you reach to learn most of these moves, you will learn when and how to use the attacks.

Keep An Eye On The Time

You should learn to master the time of when to use certain attacks, so it’s best to practice in Shadow Fight strategy, commands that are best to use at the beginning of the time, middle and nearly the end of it.

Make Sure You Get Equipped Properly

The weapons you buy and use in Shadow Fight can dramatically increase or decrease your chances of winning. For a start, we recommend you to take a look at the following 4 items: Baton which costs 200 Coins and gives +10% damage, the Advanced Baton for 20 Rubies and adds +15% damage; also, there’s the normal knives and the advanced knives, costing 400 coins with 30% damage and 40 rubies with +35% damage.

1-Time Scroll Booster

With these ruby items scrolls, you can boost your game in Shadow Fight and increase your chances to win by 90%, but you can only use it one time:

+50% attack for 3 hours   –   Scroll of Strength (Cost: 10 Rubies)

+50% Health for 3 Hours   –   Scroll of Health (Cost: 10 Rubies)

1 Shot Items in Shadow Fight

The Kunai & Shuriken are two ranged items that you can throw in your enemy using the C key. You won’t 100% win the game, but it will give you a slight advantage due to the damage that has been inflicted to your Shadow Fight opponent.

shadow fight shuriken

  • Shuriken gives +50% damage and it costs 150 coins
  • Kunai gives +70% damage and it costs 15 rubies

Unlock New Moves By Passing the Dan Trials

If you want to win more battles and more often in Shadow Fight, you need to get all the combat moves available so that you can know which ones perform better, or simply by having open access to all of them, you’re on the right track. Passing a  Dan test or trial, is a condition to unlock additional fight moves, therefore you should pass these required tests as fast as you can to benefit the advantage of the Shadow Fight battle field.

Moves For Fatalities And Reputation

Ensure that you will simply see your friend’s dojo and request them all to do exactly the same, and also explain them why. When you share and request some Shadow Fight standing points, you as well as also your Shadow Fight buddies will have the ability to win more often all together, by unlocking these advanced moved that will permit you to kick everyone’s ass.

How To Set Up Shadow Fight Combo Moves

When you gain reputation points, you should check out your friend’s dojo and request them to do the same thing. When you share and request Shadow Fight reputation points, both of you and your gaming friends will be able to unlock more items and moves together, as well as win more often.

Pass Dan Tests to Unlock Additional Moves

You have to learn when to make the right combo moves while playing Shadow Fight, so even if these moves are performed fast, you still need to be near your enemy. When combo moves are being mastered and used against your opponent, you will literally crush him with a huge damage in a very quick time. All things should start with a beginning, so firstly learn and memorize the moves, and then practice and practice until you’ll end up being a great player.

shadow fight dan test

Last but not least, if you simply want to play the game without the thrill of losing, waiting, learning and such, you can try the Shadow Fight Cheat tool generator that will allow you to get a lot of money, rubies and items every time you’re using the tool.

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