Hungry Shark Evolution Hack

Blog / Saturday, June 25th, 2016

Are you tired of running in circles with your shark? With this Hungry Shark Evolution hack you will be able to unlock all the available sharks in the game, Mako Shark, Hammerhead, Tiger Shark and obviously the Great White Shark that takes forever to unlock. On top of that, our latest update on this cheat will help you be nearly invincible and the true king of ocean as you feast on all the turtles, fishermen and all the other sea creatures, as we included two new features such as the unlimited boost and energy, which surely sounds like fun.

Hungry Shark Evolution Hack

This is what you will be downloading, the latest version of Hungry Shark Evolution hack tool

Hungry Shark Evolution Hack


You can as many Hungry Shark Evolution coins and gems as you need, with no limit in the amount that you want to input, and also without having to worry that you will get your gaming account banned due to the fact that we include the Anti-Ban protection, making the data your change, anonymously. It works and has been tested for all devices, but besides that you can activate the unlimited boost, making your shark get into a crazy amount of combos that you never did before. The unlimited energy activation, practically makes him invincible, but that won’t be as much fun, so you can skip activating that one if you don’t want it. This Hungry Shark Evolution Hack tool is also able to unlock all the sharks, but once you unlocked them all, you can’t lock them back, but obviously, why would anyone want to lock them back. Keep on reading the instructions below!

Step by step instructions:

  1. Open the software and connect your USB cable to your device where the game is installed
  2. Choose your device from iOS and Android, and click ‘Connect’, wait for the confirmation message (Device Connected Successfully) and move to the next step
  3. In the Features area, insert any amount of coins and gems that you want to generate, with no limit, so you can input even 99999+ whatever you want to add
  4. Unlimited boost and energy will be activated and remain activated until you exit the game, but the unlocking of all sharks will be permanent
  5. Select the Anti-Ban Protection button, and after that click the ‘GENERATE’ and wait for the green bar to load to 100% and you are done! Have Fun!


Does this cheat tool work?

YES – 17029 – VOTES   NO – 16 – VOTES


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17 Replies to “Hungry Shark Evolution Hack”

  1. I got this hack since 1 month ago it worked but I deleted it by mistake so here I am back to download it again. I am glad it still works

  2. yupiii
    it worked for me
    first time i tried it didn’t deliver, but that’s because I had my cable disconnected lol
    tried it again and it worked
    pls keep it updated this is great

  3. finally i managed to unlock this and it worked although i was wondering how to synchronize it i looked at the vid and it did worked but the problem is that now i am starting to get bored of this game i have all my shit to maximum

  4. i can confirm that this is valid
    guys dont activate the boosts there is no fun only unlock the sharks and play the game no need to activate all cheats i play like this

  5. I like playin hungry shark evolution because it is so much fun and upgrade shark I needto cheat because I’m boring that my brother always says to me weak because I’m only a reef

  6. Hey, I just downloaded it and it worked great but can you pleae add on the next update something that will help us find what secret locations on the map? many thanks in advance

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