Monster Legends Hack

Blog / Friday, June 24th, 2016

What’s the point in having to pick between over 50 unique Monsters, if you can’t be a real legend with any of them? With the latest updates we brought to the Monster Legends hack, Monster Squads will be a true force in this game, ready to battle in the Adventure Map like a hero and defeat your enemies in Monster’s Arena with no problems..

Monster Legends Hack

This is what you will be downloading, the latest version of Monster Legends Hack tool

Monster Legends Hack


We reached to the 6th update of this Monster Legends hack, and we included the Anti ban protection with a rate of 100% success meaning that you will NOT get banned even if you will generate unrealistic amounts of Monster Legends gems, coins or/and food. On top of that, we added the Bonus workers option, the Infinite farm and one of the lost lovely additions, the generation of legendary eggs. All of these Monster Legends cheats, seems to make it as the ultimate hacking tool, but we will surely add other features on our next update, based on the suggestions received on our private gaming forum.

Step by step instructions:

  1. Open the Monster Legends hack tool and plug your USB cable to the device where you have the game installed
  2. Choose the OS of your device, iOS, Android or PC, and click ‘Connect’, after that wait for the confirmation message and move on
  3. In the Features area, add the amount of Monster Legends gems, coins and food you want to generate, without any limit
  4. Check the other boxes that you are interested into activation, but don’t forget to select the Anti-Ban protection box as well, meaning that your account will NEVER get banned if you’re going to use that option too; it will take a few more seconds to load, but it’s better this way
  5. Click  ‘GENERATE’ and wait for the green bar progress to get to 100% and that’s all you have to do
  6. Unplug the USB cable, close the hack tool, and go play your game! Enjoy!


Does this cheat tool work?

YES – 8317 – VOTES   NO – 14 – VOTES


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  1. i just generated some legendary eggs but i forgot to select anti ban protction, so far i did no got ban i hope i am okay

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