Pokemon Go Hack & Cheats| How To Get Free Pokecoins for Android & iOS

Android, iOS / Friday, July 15th, 2016

After weeks of testings, we have finally released the final version of the Pokemon Go hack, in case you were wondering how to get free Pokecoins, then it’s time to stop wondering, make yourself a cup of Pikachu coffee, gather your friends, and prepare to have some real fun. But before we go straight to this kick-ass cheat, let’s see why this method is different than everything else you have tried before.

How is this Pokemon Go cheat any different?

Unlike other players who created alternative cheats for Pokemon that used to work by faking the GPS, we did not used the same approach due to the fact that that method was already patched and so far it seems that nobody can make it happen again. The reason we are not looking to create a similar hack is because by faking the GPS in such insecure manners, it can easily be detected by their servers (Niantic Labs) and receiving a ban is very likely.

Our Pokemon Go hack works only for those who are looking to obtain free Pokecoins, in a secure manner, without the risk of getting banned, by anonymizing the sender’s request, deleting the tracing registry and reversing the API. The final version was ready since a few days ago, but we decided that before it will become public, it will go through all the testing possible, to make sure that it will not get any of you banned, and as well to confirm to ourselves that this is not going to get patched anytime soon.

How does this Pokemon Go hack work?

The entire data is being sent from our server anonymously as forward and backward, by using reverse engineering the game’s private API. This is a similar method that we used successfully on other popular games, which also kept all the players safe from getting banned. On top of that, to make sure that there will be no irregular streams of data (eg amount of Pokecoins generated), our Pokemon Go hack offers exact amounts of coins as packs, such as:

  • 100   Pokécoins   |     550 Pokécoins   |   1,200 Pokécoins
  • 2,500 Pokécoins  |  5,200 Pokécoins  |  14,500 Pokécoins

Requesting exact amounts of Pokécoins in pack forms, in the same format as they are being delivered from within the app, will not trigger any additional suspicions to this process. We recommend that you use common sense and limit your the use of this Pokemon Go hack to 1 time per day. It can work more than once, but we hope that due to respect to fellow players, our servers will have remain at all times with open slots for everybody as this will rise in popularity.

Stay AWAY from Pokemon Go Cheats For Pokeballs

Before we present you our Pokemon Go Pokécoins generator, we must advise you to stay away from sites that claims to be able to generate Pokeballs. First and foremost, such a thing is not advisable, not only because it is incredibly hard to deliver but because generating Pokeballs via a 3rd party WILL leave a footprint, unlike the method we are sharing for free Pokecoins. Regarding a possible hack for Pokeballs, there is no way to anonymize the sender/receiver streams of data, and on top of that, reaching  to do this via the game’s API will result in bans most of the times. Therefore, the only hack you can do safely without worrying that you can ever get banned, is for the exact packs of Pokemon Go money as identical to the ones from the game.

Screenshot Proof

pokemon go free coins money


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I have to download a software? Because most of the software nowadays have a virus?
A. The short answer to this is no. Everything is based on an online platform powered by GP and we also advise you not to download any executable (.exe) generators because of this reason.

Q. Can this work on my iPhone? What about my friend’s Android?
A. Our generator works seamlessly on all iOS and Android devices that supports the game.

Q. My android device is not yet version 4.0, can I still use this Pokemon Go cheat?
A. If your Android is not yet version 4.0, you will not be able to use it. We are sorry about that.

Q. Do I need to use this on jailbreaken iOS device?
A. This can work with and without jailbreaking, and without having to APK root your device.

Q.: The online platform does not start the process. Why?
A. Make sure to have the latest version of your browser and java (this problem rarely occurs)

pokemon GO pokecoi generator


Does this cheat tool work?

YES – 9618 – VOTES   NO – 8 – VOTES


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38 Replies to “Pokemon Go Hack & Cheats| How To Get Free Pokecoins for Android & iOS”

  1. This worked! But why are there so many sites trying to copy this site? This is the only working I knew it before I tried it becz here I used to get my GTA V money, but that was long ago. Thank you for 14500 free pokecoins guys!

  2. yes worked! btw, quick question for you guys, so when are you planning on using all that stardust? At level Cap?
    Another Question, How do you decide if you want to evolve a basic pokemon if it isnt xp efficient such as drowzee which is 50? ????

  3. Funniest thing is for me is that how many people think this doesn’t work only because there are like dozens of other sites that tried to replicate the method used by Pincheats
    I only tried this because I got last year from here, coins for the HSE game so I know it must work

      1. how many did you guys pick? i ran it 3 times for 14500 coins, not banned and also used half of them in the shop already 🙂
        I’m doing this for more pokemon go accounts too as backup 😉

  4. Pincheat you are very awesome you people already released this pokemon go cheats after the gps hack was patched ! thank you very much I really need more pokecoins

  5. hands down to this pokemon hack brothers
    This is what I call a real hack
    going to fill up more and more because you never know when it can get patched

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