Tetris Battle 2P Tips, Tricks and Lines Penalty Graph

In Tetris Battle 2P, you’ll face-off against another adversary, while in Tetris Battle 6P, you’ll undertake five competitors at any given time. Obvious multiple traces and execute combinations and enormous moves to compel your competitors to the point. You better understand all your arms: T – Tetrises, Spins, and Mixtures are all invaluable instruments, whenever you accept challenging competitors within the Tetris games.

Whenever you execute these moves in Tetris Battle 2P, you’ll deliver penalty outlines to your own just enemy; in Battle 6P, a goal may move randomly from opposition to another, which makes it challenging (but not difficult!) to assault a particular opposition, therefore it’s indicated that you learn more Tetris Battle tips and tricks as you play and progress. The amount of outlines you deliver relies upon the character of the transfer you only performed; read the graph below to find the most effective means to assault your competitors.

Whenever you deliver fee outlines to your adversary (or once an opponent tosses some your method) there’s a little delay before the lines get put into your Matrix. This window is a chance for the participant to block out a few of the fee lines via particular moves. For instance, in case you’re going to get struck with three fee lines, executing a Tetris may prevent that from occurring.

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  • Execute Mixtures with caution: they could be damaging to your adversary, but setting them up may fill up your own Matrix and leave you exposed to a speedy assault.
  • Cleaning lines fast is definitely a great defense. If you locate your-self against the rules, clear outlines as fast as possible–you might even chance into several Mixtures as you’re at it.
  • Obtain a head-start with Routes in Conflict 6P. You may decide to begin the sport with prearranged blocks to mix-up the actions.

This graph displays how many penalty outlines you’ll deliver per transfer. Discover that cleaning one point at a time won’t deliver any lines; you’ll have to accomplish better moves than that should you expect to earn! It’s ideal to apply these Tetris Battle cheats if you want to progress. Here are just two or three conditions you should know to see the graph correctly:

B2B (Back-to-back)

Pulling off Back-to-Back moves of exactly the exact same sort are worth over doing 2 of these moves independently. For instance, A T-Spin Solitary may deliver two fee outlines; if you accomplish another T-Spin single instantly following the very first one, it’s worth three penalty outlines. Compare enormous moves for added harm.

Perfect Clear

After starting a game, if you are able to clear your whole Matrix of blocks you’ll send 10 guaranteed blocks to your opponent. Reasonable warning: this is tougher than it seems!

T-Spin Small

Perform a T-Spin mini by developing a three-Mino-broad smooth place with a single prevent overhanging it. Decrease the T-Tetrimino alongside the overgrown Mino, then spin it in the final minute therefore that it concerns relaxation using the T-side facing down.

Move Lines SentĀ (Lines per combo step)
Single 0
Double 1
Triple 2
Tetris 4
B2B Tetris 6
Perfect Clear 10
T-Spin 0
T-Spin Mini Single 1
T-Spin Single 2
T-Spin Double 4
T-Spin Triple 6
B2B T-Spin Mini Single 2
B2B T-Spin Single 3
B2B T-Spin Double 6
B2B T-Spin Triple 9
0 Combo 0 (0)
1 Combo 1 (1)
2 Combo 2 (1)
3 Combo 4 (2)
4 Combo 6 (2)
5 Combo 9 (3)
6 Combo 12 (3)
7 Combo 16 (4)
… Combo … (4)

The above chart is used as an information regarding how many lines are being sent in Tetris Battle according to the way you play. If you want to make a prank to someone and send thousands of lines, taking advantage of a glitch in the game, get this Tetris Battle Cheat toolĀ and use it only for fun; make sure you watch the demo video before, to decide whether you want to use it or not.

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