Tetris Battle Advanced Tips &Tricks

As you progress in your game, you will realize that your new opponents are becoming more difficult to defeat, therefore your experience might need new Tetris Battle advanced tips and tricks if you want to become a better player, or if you were looking for Tetris Battle hacks, then you can as well download the latest release that will allow you to send thousands of lines in a short time, being possible due to a glitch in the game.

Soft Drop & Hard Drop

As your own game improves and you start to pay interest to the Tetriminos in your Next Line, you may discover your self getting a bit impatient waiting for that bit to drop. You’ve got two alternatives to hasten the game–the Soft Fall as well as the Hard Drop–and they’re both extremely simple to accomplish.

You keep total control over the item while performing a Soft Fall.

The Difficult Drop is considerably less forgiving–hit the Spacebar to trigger the Tetrimino to drop directly down, forgoing any additional chance to transfer it. The Difficult Fall is amazing for timed games where your aim would be to get pieces into place as fast as feasible.


You are able to score a lot of reward points with Combos by performing straightforward line opens with every sequential Tetrimino that drops. For every Tetrimino that falls that makes a Point Clear, you’ll earn extra reward points. The value of the reward got two variables: how extended the sequential run is and what level you’re on. You’ll earn an extra 50 points increased by your current stage for the Point Clear performed in the second Tetrimino that falls; to the next successive line clear you’ll earn 100 reward points times your current stage, etcetera.

It’s best to create a Combination a few rows from one aspect, such just like the next and next or seventh and ten columns. Stack Tetriminos neatly to each aspect as large as you could. Because every Tetrimino is a minimum of 2 squares wide aside from the I-Tetrimino, you’ll clear a point with every decrease. Don’t worry about packaging in the Tetriminos in the opening-open spaces are merely options for longer combo chains.

The Next Queue

The notion of the ‘Next Queue’ is easy enough: you may see the following five Tetriminos that may drop, as you play. But with so much otherwise to give consideration to, the challenging part is really placing the Line to great use.

There are only two fundamental methods of getting value from another Queue. The foremost will see which Tetrimino instantaneously uses the one that’s now dropping. Understanding that, you will make better choices about where to decrease the present one.

Should you’ve set up a huge pointgetter for example among those, you must understand how many Tetriminos will drop before you may do the settlement move.

The Ghost Piece

The Ghost Piece is the most useful for lining up Difficult and Soft Drops, particularly when the batch is quite low. And as the Tetrimino falls using a Soft Drop, glimpse at the Next Line to begin planning where to put the next Tetrimino.

The Ghost Piece may also be misleading, it’ll demonstrate just where a Tetrimino may proceed when it drops lower, but because you can carry on to proceed Tetriminos side-to-side once they land, you might have the ability to squeeze into an area the Ghost Piece never confirmed you. This goes particularly for T-Spins, where in fact the Ghost Piece won’t ever show the last resting place of a T-Tetrimino.

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