TOP 10 Candy Crush Saga Advices, Help & Cheats [PART 1]

Blog / Saturday, September 28th, 2013

If you learned something for the other articles about how to play Candy Crush Saga like a boss, then here’s a new TOP 10 regarding tips and tricks that you can use in this game. So, let’s begin with the first part of this top and hopefully you will get to put in practice what you learn.

1. Without Losing More Lives, Reshuffle Your Candies

Sometimes only by taking a look at the next level, you understand whether you’ll take it for a simple or a difficult time. Fortunately, there are means to alter that, and reshuffle a level, without burning up any of the lifestyles.  For example on your mobile phone, press the leave button before you create any moves, and when you will return, all the candies will be shuffled in a different order. You can certainly do it as often as you desire and no lives may be dropped, and stop when the candies are positioned in a favorable way for you.  As the time counts down in the game, this technique doesn’t focus on the time challenges.

candy crush saga shuffle

2. Have Literally Infinite Lives in Candy Crush

You may keep tabs on and open Sweet Crush at the same moment in your browser. This implies that for these extremely difficult degrees as on each variant of Candy Crush you have 5 lives prepared you’ll never have to await lives to renew. You’ll need to renew each webpage once you do move a degree but it is exceedingly useful for all those amounts which take lots of lifestyles to move. Beneath you can notice in the picture that I have 5 tabs available to each and Sweet Crush with 5 lives.

candy crush infinite lives

3. Time Challenge Trick

The secret to passing timed levels is becoming as many 5 sweets as possible to include additional time to clock. As they don’t simply drop at random knowing why the 5 sweets drop extremely helps. The 5’s drop every single time you create a transfer which causes a stream of 4 or more mixtures, so when playing Candy Crush Saga next time, keep the following in mind: be sure you beat that 5 to include it to your own timer. You raise your fate of making a stream by since there are more candies above you to create a second, third and fourth set crushing candies at the end of the panel. Attempt this on level 252 and until you become bored of the level you’ll be able to perform, I halted when I reach 1, 000, 000 points and nevertheless had the complete 30 seconds on the time.

candy crush time challenge

4.  Use A Strategy When Using The Striped Candies

You really should waste your striped candies as soon as you receive them. Attempt where they’d be most favorable to plan out and use them to accomplish those difficult to get sweets and pass the level. There are several levels where the striped candies are literally crucial if you want to move on to the next Candy Crush level.

candy crush striped candies

5. Save The Fish Candies For Last

The fish candies will be in your Candy Crush level with the remaining jellies. So that you may reach to break those difficult sweets, therefore save the fish for last. They will even eliminate jellies that are under frosting blocks without having to eliminate the frosting making passing levels even quicker, and this is a fact that can make the difference when trying to pass a level.

candy crush fish

These are the first top 5 suggestions that should help you organize better next time when playing this game, but if you are not made for plain strategy and all you want is just fun and breaking all the candies, take a look at these Candy Crush Saga Cheats  tool and finish the game a bit more easily.

In order to read the part 2 of this article, go here. Remember to put in practice what you learn!

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