TOP 10 Candy Crush Saga Advices, Help & Cheats [PART 2]

This is a continuation of the previous article about the TOP 10 Candy Crush Saga cheats, if you want to catch up, read the first part too.

6. How Use Candy Crush Ingredients

You do not want to start a level with Candy Crush ingredients on the far right or left of the board. Along the sides of the screen, you have many fewer options to create a set of three or more similar candies. You can restart the level if you notice this before you have moved (see tip 1). You can also try to move the ingredients closer to the middle by crushing candies. Unless forced never move an ingredient to a square with no exit underneath it or to the side of the screen. The exits look like small green circles with white arrows inside them.

candy crush ingredients

7.  Make A Plan Before Starting The Level

You should keep in mind that the most difficult candies should be smashed down first. Most of the times you’ll clear the bombs, the chocolate and after that, the locked candies. Either way, you need a plan if you want to actually play and progress on later Candy Crush levels.

8. Send & Accept Candy Crush Gifts From Your Friends

You just get a optimum of 5 lives (or occasionally 6) thus don’t take lives from your buddies till you can use them. The lives are squandered when you’re currently maxed-out should you accept lives. I use the X to near the display and wait till I am under 5 lives remaining to click take. Also understand that the level you occur to be on whenever you take a three moves may be the level that gift should be utilized on. In the amounts I am really experiencing therefore I just take a three moves present.

9. The Pink Bow

For those who have a degree with a red bow on it, then among your Myspace buddies have provided something special to you of 3 additional moves. To utilize this on cellular, only play the amount and the three additional moves are added instantly. You can easily see the amount of three moves you received in the display if you’re playing on the internet on FB. You simply select the three moves in the screen to trigger it.

10. Always Try To Finish With Extra Moves Left

They’ll move into more factors as a college of jelly fish or striped candies may clear areas of the table should you finish a degree with additional moves left over. This doesn’t ensure that you simply may garner more factors but generally it’s a secure bet so as to hit those high scores.

If this TOP 10 helped you out and you’re still seeking for more Candy Crush Saga Tips and Tricks, feel free to check out the other articles as well.

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