Transformice Hack

Blog / Monday, June 27th, 2016

You want to see how to play Transformice with extra powers? Years ago this was recognized as the best browser game of the year, and it’s still popular in certain parts of the world, but we released this Transformice hack because of two reasons, of then them is because of the few requests and the other is that it was easy to include these features for a browser game.

Transformice Hack

This is what you will be downloading, the latest version of Transformice Hack tool

transformice hack


With the help of this Transformice hack you can generate an unlimited amount of Transformice Fraises (strawberries) as well as the Transformice Cheese. While only these 2 options will change the way you play the game, we also detected that the game becomes laggy when there are many mices, so if you want to stop having lag while playing this game, select the Anti lag button. On top of that, you can activate the Transformice Fly hack ro the Teleport hack, and troll any game you want. The wall hack works great in Transformice as this cheat is just an alternative of the Teleport hack. But the biggest addition we brought to our latest update, is the ability to unlock all your Transformice items, this means that you can wear anything that exists in their catalog. All you need is your username, you can also activate these cheats for your friends, as long as you know their username, and as you can see, no password is required.

Step by step instructions:

  1. Open the Transformice hack tool and enter your username
  2. Make sure to click the ‘Connect’ button and wait for your username to be identified
  3. After that, proceed with the entering of the values of the Fraises and Cheese you want to generate, and also thick the boxes of the Transformice cheats you want to activate
  4. Remember that the option “all items unlocker” will unlock all the items forever, while for example the Transformice Fly hack will be active until you close the cheat tool
  5. Click the button ‘GENERATE’ and wait to load fully, after that, enjoy your game!


Does this cheat tool work?

YES – 17489 – VOTES   NO – 18 – VOTES


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4 Replies to “Transformice Hack”

  1. AT last i found something that worth downloading
    now after i used this transformice hack this gamee iz really much more funny!!

  2. wow thanks a LOT for this share, i can confirm that this is working perfectly! i only downloaded it for the cheese and fraises but i also selected to unlock all the items and i cannot believe how many items i got including the Krissim Dragon Hat!! much love man

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