Transformice Hack Fraises Cheese and Fly, Teleport, Wall Hack Mod

Android, iOS, PC / Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

As a little mouse you may wonder how could you possible get some extra powers by using a Transformice hack and I am here to show you that there is indeed a method that was hidden from the players for a long time. Years ago this game was recognized as the best browser game of the year, and it’s still popular in certain parts of the world, therefore we still have a good reason to keep this Transformice cheat updated after we released it, because of two reasons: of then them is because of many requests from players that still love chasing that Cheese, and the other reason is that it was easy for us to include these hacks of browser game into a tool.

Transformice Hack

This is what you will be downloading, the latest version of Transformice Hack tool, and very possible the only one that is actually working. We haven’t transformed this hack into a an online generator because everybody seems to be happy with this tool; you can scan it and see that it is clean 100%, not even false positives.transformice hack fraises cheese


With the help of this Transformice hack you can generate an unlimited amount of Transformice Fraises (strawberries) as well as the Transformice Cheese. While only these 2 options will change the way you play the game, we also detected that the game becomes laggy when there are many mices, so if you want to stop having lag while playing this game, select the Anti lag button. On top of that, you can activate the Transformice Fly hack or the Teleport hack, and troll any game you want; all the other mice will go crazy when they will see the things that you can do, and will ask you where you obtained your hack from, but make sure you keep it secret. The Transformice wall hack works great in as this cheat is just an alternative of the Teleport hack.

But the biggest addition we brought to our latest update, is the ability to unlock all your items, this means that you can wear anything that exists in their catalog. All you need is your username, you can also activate these cheats for your friends, as long as you know their username, and as you can see, no password is required. Remember that any hacks of cheats for Transformice that requires your password are very suspicious and you should avoid those at all cost. Below is a proof screenshot of the result of this cheat engine, it is not a fresh picture but we will take care of that soon and will post a video as well.

Transformice Hack Cheese Fraises Proof

Step by step instructions:

  1. Open the Transformice hack tool and enter your username
  2. Make sure to click the ‘Connect’ button and wait for your username to be identified
  3. After that, proceed with the entering of the values of the Fraises and Cheese you want to generate, and also thick the boxes of the Transformice cheats you want to activate
  4. Remember that the option “all items unlocker” will unlock all the items forever, while for example the Transformice Fly hack will be active until you close the cheat tool
  5. Click the button ‘GENERATE’ and wait to load fully, after that, enjoy your game!


Does this cheat tool work?

YES – 17489 – VOTES   NO – 18 – VOTES

Transformice Hack Cheese

The most important goal in this game is to obtain more Cheese and to do so, you can either get obtain it by getting the cheese inside the hole or using our Transformice cheese hack. Everybody loves Cheese and along with it there comes the points which are given based on how you play this game; let’s take a look below and see how the Cheese is given to players:

Position Points Number Happy Mouse?
First Place Yes!! 10+5+1=16 Yes
Second Place 10+4=14 Sure
 Third Place  10+2=12  Well… yes
4th Place or Under 5+5=10 Meh.. good
If you die Just 1 Can’t feel.. dead mouse :X
Without Cheese No Points For You Mister No
AFK You Get Minus 1! Sad & AFK

In your Transformice shop you can see your currency as Cheese and in there you can use it for a lot of things such a getting items for yourself (you won’t really need it for items if you use this hack to also unlock all items), you can make your own maps, found a tribe, unlock titles and more than that too.

Transformice Hack Fraises

One of the main reasons for which many players are using our cheat tool is because of the Fraises hack. You can search all over the internet and all you will find are cheap imitations that won’t work as we are the first and only ones that created and delivered a Transformice hack for fraises. We have updated quickly every single time after it was patched, and sometimes when other people are stealing it to use it on their own site, we change it again so that it can be obtain only from us because we offer our generator with no viruses and with no password requested.

Once you will have plenty of Fraises, remember to share with others in a gift form, but do not exaggerate and do not give 100 gifts to everybody as this will only raise attention to you. We never heard from someone who used our hack that it was banned, mainly because it was used with responsibility and nobody bragged about cheating in Transformice.

transformice fraises item that you can get with our hack

Above you can see the Dream Crown item that costs 100 Fraises, this can be very affordable once you will use these Transformice hacks. Some of the players that used our cheat, reported that they prefer not to unlock all items and instead to buy whenever and whatever items they prefer.

Transformice Fly Hack

Have you ever played this game, wondering about you own business, when all of a sudden you start seeing mices flying all over? You ask them how can you fly with your mouse as well, but they won’t tell. What is worse is that some of them, obtain this Transformice Fly hack and activate it to show other players what they can do, and then they tell them to download this hack from a fake site they own, and on their site they will ask for your password; to repeat, never share your pass with anyone. You could create your own tribe and tell to all your members about this Transformice hack for flying, then all of you will become bats (joke for mouses that are flying).

Transformice Teleport Hack

It is quite simple, this is one of the coolest tricks of this generator, to teleport from one place to another, you will shock everyone else with what you can do by using this Transformice teleport hack. You can also use simultaneously the fly hack and the teleport hack, to be a true super mouse with fantastic abilities.

What about the Transformice Wall Hack?

This one still works, but sometimes it can be a bit buggy, we are not sure if it is from our end or if it is because of the Transformice site. Most of the times, the Transformice wall hack should work with no problems, it’s just that certain maps may not work always, but 80% of all maps you can use this mod with no problems.

I hope you get to have plenty of fun with our cheat mod, if you have any questions, suggestions you want us to implement into the next patch of this hack or if you need assistance, leave a comment below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Enjoy!



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  1. AT last i found something that worth downloading
    now after i used this transformice hack this gamee iz really much more funny!!

  2. wow thanks a LOT for this share, i can confirm that this is working perfectly! i only downloaded it for the cheese and fraises but i also selected to unlock all the items and i cannot believe how many items i got including the Krissim Dragon Hat!! much love man

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