Warfare Nations Hack

One of the most epic online games about war, has now its own cheat tool, capable of generating gold, iron and diamonds, all in this Warfare Nations hack. In our latest update, we added several new features that will speed up the gaming process as well as the difficulty of playing the game.

Warfare Nations Hack

This is what you will be downloading, the latest version of Warfare Nations hack tool

warfare nations hack


Besides the Anti ban protection, that you need to select before you generate so that you will NEVER get banned, we also added the Triple XP option which obviously will triple any experience you gain, but also the most important addition is the possibility to unlock all units with this Warfare Nations hack.

Step by step instructions:

  1. Open the Warfare Nations hack tool and connect your device with your USB cable
  2. Choose iOS or Android, and click ‘Connect’
  3. Under Features area, add the amount of gold, diamonds and iron that you wish to generate to your account, and also thick the other boxes that may interest you
  4. DO NOT FORGET to select the Anti Ban protection, it may take 10 seconds more to generate, but it is a safe and anonymous generation
  5. Click the button ‘GENERATE’ and wait for the green bar to reach to 100% and you are done
  6. Have Fun!


Does this cheat tool work?

YES – 4173 – VOTES   NO – 9 – VOTES

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  1. Once I downloaded this and used it I quickly realized that there is no way for your opponents to beat you anymore when you activate these cheats, therefore the game becomes too easy

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