Apex Legends Hack: The Unfair Cheats

Out of all the Apex Legends cheats and hacks there is one which can be the most annoying if you are playing against a person using such a cheat. It’s one thing for someone to use an aim bot or a wall hack only to get banned sooner or later, but when someone is using a mouse and a keyboard, he can’t be detected and you might assume that that player is skilled. There was no way to detect these accounts trying to obtain advantage over the rest of the players, until now. After many complaints of a suspicious sudden rise in combat skills from many accounts, Respwan mentioned long ago that they will look into it as nobody can become an expert at something overnight.

Apex Legends Hack Will Get Detectable and Punishable

The team from Respawn Entertainment are claiming that they are aware of these “techniques” to cheat in this game and that they already found methods to detect players that use a mouse and a keyboard on a console and that it will be implemented early into the next season. Using this Apex Legends hack allows the cheater to obtain a more precise and faster aim when using weapons, and if everyone else is using a console while you are using a mouse, you are clearly far more advantaged in combat, despite the fact that you are not obtaining any real skills at this game.

How To Use This Cheat?

With the help of a XIM Adapter whose purpose is to help players with an alternative control scheme, it also makes XBOX One into detecting that the keyoard and mouse connected are actually nothing more but a gamepad; this also works in Apex Legends, Fortnite, Overwatch and many other games.

PS 4 with Mouse & Keyboard
PS 4 with Mouse & Keyboard

Apex Legends Will Troll its Cheaters

Recently it was announced that very soon there will appear an update which will affect matchmaking for those that are detected as cheaters and spammers to force them play against each other. Since banning accounts will not really fix the solution permanently as someone can always make a new account, it seems that this method of making cheaters play against other cheaters is quite a brilliant idea. Note that this applies to those who are using aim bots, wall hacks, speed hacks (…) and supposedly even the mouse and keyboard method. This way, legitimate players will be clear from others that use all sorts of Apex Legends cheats, however there are so many scripts out there and it is quite possible that a decent amount of them can remain undetectable.

As of this date, nearly 800,000 players have been sanctioned in a mass banning of cheaters, what is interesting is that an Apex Legends hack for Coins or Battle Passes are not detectable in case you find one that actually works. Chances are that you will not anyway, since if someone actually finds something like that you can be sure they will not share it. If you did however found an online generator, maybe this post will explain you why it didn’t work for you.

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