darksiders 3 fury horseman characteristics

Darksiders 3 Review of Story and Gameplay | Fury, War, Strife and Death Horseman Characteristics

As an active fan of everything regarding this game I am extremely excited upon the news of the 3rd part of Darksiders, having its release date in 2018. I didn’t think that we would even get a Darksiders 3 which was leaked few months ago and I gathered plenty of information from throughout the internet. I am Mark Erwin and today I’m going to talk about everything you need to know about this game.

Published by THQ Nordic and developed by Gunfire Games, Darksiders stories are supposed to be released at some point in 2018 and as far as the gameplay is concerned, this is set to be an open world Action Adventure game with the focus on exploration and environmental puzzles.

Darksiders 3 FURY horseman

Of course you’re still going to have that signature hack-and-slash gameplay with our new protagonist Horsewoman Fury, which is one of the four remaining Nephilim and Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Her weapon is an amazingly cool fiery whip and she doesn’t just have a simple whip, she’s also a mage so she’s going to utilize both her whip and magic to restore the balance between good and evil on earth. I’ll get into that story element in a second; so as far as her magic is concerned, she’s going to be able to use that to unleash her various forms, each form granting her access to new weapons, moves and traversal abilities, so she’s going to be very mobile and very adaptable.

fury horseman and giant

Personally I’m a huge fan of the original Darksiders 1 & 2 and I know people have their problems with second part but I really like that game not just because the Horseman Death is cool but I like the gameplay, the music and I love the art style; anyway my point is that what I’m hoping that Darksiders III is is the perfect combination of the best of both worlds of first two parts of the series, and looks like that’s kind of exactly what’s going for because they say you’re exploring an open-ended living free-form game world in which Fury can move back and forth between environments to uncover secrets while advancing this story.

Is there any connection with the previous releases of Darksiders 3?

The events of Darksiders 3 are set at the same time as Darksiders 2 so basically the two stories are happening at the same time and here’s something that won’t help your depression: The second part came out almost 5 years ago, the plot leading up to the third part that starts with part one which takes place after the breaking of six of the Seven Seals sparking the end war and setting the battlefield for the Battle of Armageddon. This apocalyptic war was waged between the Kingdoms of Heaven and hell with the 3rd kingdom of the man, being the battleground to determine the eternal fate of the souls of man upon Judgment Day. In part 3 of this game, The Charred Council ordered Fury to go to Earth and destroy the Seven Deadly Sins who are ravaging it. And of course the Seven Deadly Sins are all going to be unique designs which are going to look awesome in a dark side of art style.

Watch below the official trailer

Let’s take a look over the 4 Horsemen

HORSEMAN Main Weapon Type of Attack Special Feature Partners
FURY Blade whip Melee Hair appears to float, Only Female Horseman Unnamed (Steed)
WAR Chaoseater, Armageddon Blade Melee, Ranged Gauntlet Left-Hand, Superhuman Physical Prowess Ruin (Steed), The Watcher (Former Guide, Guardian)
STRIFE Mercy and Redemption Ranged Helmet over face Unnamed (Steed)
DEATH Harvester, Dual scythes Melee Near Invulnerability, Superhuman Physical Prowess, Accelerated Healing, Necromancy Despair (Steed), Dust (Raven Guide)

One of the biggest things about this game is that the developers wanted to make the franchise a little more sophisticated. The biggest changes for the world of Darksiders 3 compared to its previous editions, the world itself is a character, it’s all attached as a one big piece; basically that means the levels will have holes in them or in other words, thre will be room for opportunities, you could fall down a pit and g a mile below the surface which will lead you to some totally unexpected side stories into this game.

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