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Is Detroit: Become Human Going To Get Banned Before Its Release Date?

Video games like movies and TV frequently contain themes of violence and that for the most part it’s okay, but they can also try and tackle difficult themes like domestic violence and that is not okay with most of the people, even it is a real issue that should be addressed. Regarding the Detroit Become Human release date, we know that it’s going to come out between February and June . It’s another story-focus game about making decisions, the game is a sci-fi tale set in a future in which androids exist helping out around the house and stuff like that and they play a big role in the game events like the physical and emotional abuse of a child, more specifically it’s about what the Android might do to stop it.

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It was first made public back in October at Paris where Sony released a trailer for the game which quite heavily featured domestic violence and according to the developers from Quantic Dream that trailer was to present a very important moment. In Android Cara’s story, players can control Cara which is owned as a butler, nanny and some sort of assistant by the abusive father Todd who confronted with him due to the violence towards his little girl. Kara feels compelled to disobey and risk her life to save Alice who is Todd’s daughter.

Will Detroit Become Human get banned?

Newspapers all over the world are writing article including some strong words coming from children’s campaigners and politicians, mentioning that “any video game that trivializes or normalizes child abuse, neglect or use domestic violence for entertainment is unacceptable” said the NSPCC’s Andy Burrows. The problem here is the premise of all these quotes that the game cannot do a good job of exploring these themes in a mature way. There is a real chance that this game could be banned from being bought from the stores at least in the United States, but even if that won’t happen, that game will surely not be available for kids unless parents won’t care about the contents of the games they purchase.

Detroit Become Human is a game that is coming out on PlayStation, and it’s being developed by Quantic Dream which is a company that makes video games that are very cinematic and these cinematic games tend to cover topics that are very sensitive. Become Human game is at the center of a controversy mostly in the European markets because of a recent trailer that they showed and in this recent trailer they do show an example of child abuse that is potentially a part of the game, so those of you who are sensitive to that kind of thing as a victim of child abuse, I understand you probably don’t want to see nor play this game.

What’s the gameplay like?

Basically, Detroit become human sets in the near future in the real city of Detroit in the year 2038 when Androids are basically common, they do all the menial tasks that humans used to do so they are their cleaners, the workforce, your nannies, your house keeper and so on. Because of this, employments is at an all-time high of 40% and there’s some kind of resentment building in the working-class city of Detroit. and then what’s happening it’s that some Androids seems to be breaking their programming and becoming deviants and they are not following their program.

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You can play 3 characters in this game, there is Connor who’s role is to find out why these robots are becoming deviants, then there is Cara the original tech demo the inspiration for the game and also Marcus who is played by Jesse Williams. The narrative branches depending on the choices you made; you can make the decisions critical in the sense that the decisions that you take don’t just affect the scene that you’re in but they affect the narrative going forward and they also affect the other characters and the story.

It is not know for sure if this game will get banned before its release date, and while some say this game should not exist, other say that it can help some people who went through emotional and physical traumas in childhood, to get past those and heal by playing this game. Although the explanation of how something that would work out, the discussions are still going strong all over the internet on one of the most awaited games in 2018. Tell us what you think in the comments below, should Detroit Become Human be banned or not?

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