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Free YouTube Subscribers | Free YouTube Views and Everything You Need To Know

You are here because you need free YouTube subscribers and free YouTube views or at least one of them. Let’s get straight to the point, basically if you want to succeed in YouTube you have 3 options:

  • upload videos on a constant basis, daily, and hope that it will naturally pick up some day, as what you need is plenty of watch time, which comes from views with high retention.
  • or you can either buy YouTube views, subscribers and likes from providers that are using poor bots which will either: a) get your videos dependent on buying more and more views OR b) a new YT implementation, you can get shadow-ban for your video and channel! This means your video will get stuck.
  • and 3rd option is the use of free sites where you have to see other people’s videos and like them so that they will do so in return, like an exchange. Unless you have all day to do that, you can see how come that is a problem.

Now what if we tell you there is a 4th option ? What if you can use an online application that can provide you with a lot of REAL views, REAL free YouTube subscribers owned by people that browse YouTube and use it actively, not bots, Likes/Favorites?

Fair enough, let us show you how the new YT channels grow up over night, but before we get to that, let’s explain how this works.

How To Get Free YouTube Views & Subscribers

TUBINATOR is an online application that is based on intercepting and staying in the middle of the activity of over 300 websites dealing with the exchange between users of like, views and subscribers, providing it in a legit way of course.

This is like 3rd option explained above, except you do the work done in 300 sites with the push of a button. These sites have anywhere from 5 000 up to 500 000 registered users with an YouTube account. Normally, each of these sites have their own rules, user X must gain a certain amount of points to exchange for views etc.

The one thing that many do not know, is that all these sites are owned by a group of people, and website use the same API that connects to TUBINATOR, which was initially made to use the best YouTube views, likes and subs (quality determined by retention+location+account activity+age). All these squeezed out of a data of more than 5 millions YouTube accounts, transformed into Trending Views! What are trending views you may ask, well, the name speaks for itself.


The access to the source code for TUBINATOR is offered on private forums from time to time, and we were quick to grab it for a second time, as many of you know that keep returning to our blog, TUBINATOR was available for use for 1 week during the last year, at no cost. It is indeed in this moment, the best method to get free YouTube views with a high retention and a very dynamic referrer.

youtube views subscribers free

You have been wondering how to get free YouTube subscribers and all the info you could found was silly e-how articles about making your videos nice with flashy thumbnails and what not, look no more, if you want to boost your channel, go ahead and give TUBINATOR a try and read more in that page about how to use it.


Before you visit Tubinator, there are a few things which you should know. Access to Tubinator is periodically granted to public for a few days or week. Usually the access is closed and they might ask for a survey to unlock the access for few days, a week or so.

Unfortunately this is a bad method of protecting the program in our opinion as surveys usually are not that loved by people since some may take a minute to complete while others could take even 6 minutes; but at the very least, if you happen to be lucky and get no survey, take advantage of it and get as many free YouTube views and subscribers as you can!

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  • i was lucky enough to use tubinator without the annoying surveys and obtained 1000 free subscribers in a day but now I revisit it and I see surveys… unsure if is worth since these subscribers, although they might be real, they surely are not interested in seeing my youtube videos of me talking about my hamsters life lol

    • Just checked it 2 days ago and there was a survey, I bypassed it and I used tubinator to get free youtube subscribers and got like 5k subs but the problem is that today I look and I see that 600+ subs dropped. The outcome is still good, at least 4k subs are still standing but I wonder why the drop happened

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