How to Win in Fortnite Battle Royale | Complete GUIDE

If you want to know how to win in Fortnite Battle Royale every time you need to take into consideration that you need to excel in more than just one area, you need to have tactics (making a plan in every situation), practice to develop skills and own survival attitude. In this guide, you will learn everything you need to know in order to become a champion and win a Victory Royale, or at the very least reach the top 8% of the leader-board of every game.

Lesson Number 1: Fight or Flight and Knowing When to Do It

One of the most often mistakes done in Fortnite is the instinct to engage in a fight with every single opponent. The typical Fortnite player is forgetting that this is not Quake and perhaps, even if initially he might have the first shot or a better angle, his target may still be much more experienced than him and could handle that situation better, turning the table of odds in a split second.

There is no shame in running away from a fight if one of the most essential goals in Battle Royale is to survive! Here comes the part where I have mentioned that you need tactics and a survival attitude.

If you notice two or tree players being in a fight, do not ruin your stealth by going over them Rambo style shooting everywhere you can. They will spot you before you even get to say ‘say hello to my little friend’.

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What you should do instead is be sneaky and patient. Wait until there is only one man standing, and engage as soon as he takes down his last opponent. Timing is key here, you bring the element of surprise on him and ambush him right when he is on low ammo, reloading, low HP as he let his guard down for a couple of second after he just successfully won a fight. That’s when you come in and finish him.

Lesson Number 2: Learn Building Skills

When it was mentioned in the beginning of this article that you need skills in order to maximize your chances to win Battle Royale, this wasn’t referring only to aiming skills, but also to know how to build ramps in a way that will bring you a tactical advantage, and not just for the sake of ‘doing something with the ramp’.

It goes without saying that the players who are located on the highest structures may also have the most easy kills on their hand. When you are up there, you have an “eagle eye”, you see them all but not all of them see you.

fortnite high ramps

Do not forget that there is a possibility that another player might be even higher than you, and another one to be even higher placed than both of you.

If it happens that you are the one highest of them all and you notice there are a two snipers below you, with eagle eye just as you, you might want to keep those alive for a bit as they can help in taking down more players. But do keep an eye on them as you won’t want  them to notice you first. As soon as they are attempting to leave their spot, they are no longer ‘working for you’ and you can end them.

Remember to put walls in front of your ramps so that your opponents won’t be able to take it out (or at least it will be more difficult for them). If someone is destroying your foundation, you will go down with it, so keep in mind to use explosives to do the same to others that may have been quicker to obtain ‘eagle eye’ vision.

The logic is simple here, if being high on a structure gives you a tremendous advantage over the other, and you are down while they are up, what you want to do in this case is to blow up everything, walls, structures, make sure you sabotage the others plan so you that their advantage disappears. Careful though, they will notice you before you even have the idea.

Lesson Number 3: Fortnite Aiming

Learning how to become better at aiming in Fortnite requires first of all, understanding of the fact that not all weapons are equal. Obviously, you might say, but is it really that obvious to every player? There are so many different weapons and each of them come with different aims which may fit better for close combat, or fighting while running away or aiming while chasing and so on.

A SMG weapon will always have a problem with aiming the way you want it to, however if a player believes that a gun is a gun and is trying to use certain weapons where they do not fit, even if their skills at aiming are good, they will suffer from the gun’s handicap.

fortnite guide aim

Go to creative mode and practice there with all the weapons, notice where the bullets end when you fire continuously vs. fire shortly vs fire just once and how many bullets are out per second. When it comes to a shotgun, it is always good to have one in your inventory when you are entering close a combat zone such as a house.

Lesson 4: The Supply Drops

Obtaining a supply drop in Fortnite can give you a huge boost in increasing your chances to win, as you will get legendary weapons and supplies that other player will not have access to without such a drop. However, there’s a catch here.

You see, since these supply drops are so wanted, they become a center of attention when they appear, and when that happens, all the other players in the zone will want to put their hands on it, especially that there is also an indication where it will land.

how to win fortnite battle royale

If there is a supply drop near you, remember what it was mentioned at Lesson Number 1: to not rush over something in an attempt to obtain it, in that case it was the goal to enter an already going battle, and in this context is to not be the one running after the supply drop while sneaky enemies remaining in stealth will wait for you to run like a rabbit towards the loot while sniping you down like a sport.

Before you mindlessly run towards the supply drop, make sure you are aware of your surroundings and any suspicious movement around you. Every player has a certain style, and out of 100 of them, make sure that in this variety there will be players who will rather use their weapons on you rather than risk and get the loot.

If you do however manage to get it, create a fort for yourself when you can have enough time to sort out your new inventory.

Lesson 5: Know “Thy” Map

Knowing the map is crucial in knowing that even if there are enemies to the east, traitors to the west, brutes to the north and in other words, surrounded by enemies, at the very least you will know that you are “home” as opposed to those that do not learn the map and find every inch of it as being unknown territory.

If you want to inspect a high resolution image of the Fortnite Battle Royale map, feel free to do so here.

Lesson 6: Use Replays to Observe the Moment where You F%#d Up

An often overlooked tip would be to watch the replay of a match and to notice what could you have done differently in the moment of your death. Watch the replay of all your games, will give you a sense of clarity in knowing exactly what went wrong, from positioning to decision to engage too early or too late, from running when you were supposed to fight or from realizing your aim was bad because of using a certain weapon and so on.

This article will be updated with more lessons very soon, if you are interested into a specific subject, don’t hesitate to write it in the comments below.

How to Win a Victory Royale in Fortnite Battle Royale

With all said and done, it becomes clear that winning a Victory Royale in Fortnite demands practice and attention for fine details. However practice alone can only strengthen what you already know or wish to perfect, and in order to become a skilled, powerful and feared player in Fortnite, you need a solid foundation of knowledge.

how to get a victory royale fortnite
We know well that knowledge is power and that is what you have obtained from this article, however this is only half the story. Now that you have been introduced to the most essential lessons in how to win in Fortnite and obtained a solid foundation of knowledge, all that is left for you is practice, learn from your mistakes and enjoy your victories!

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