Madden NFL 20 is Going To Be Great!

Great news for all the football fans, Madden NFL 20 not only came out but this year it’s also going to be filled with a lot of pleasant surprises. Mods such as MUT, Franchise, Online & Exhibition are returning and these were ones of the most requested mods in social media every month. On top of this, there is the Madden NFL QB1 mode which consists in 10 teams assigned to a college level! The QB1 Mode is an extension to Franchise Mode where you can play with custom quarterbacks.

Besides the mods that return, we can also enjoy other features such as: Play the Pro Bowl, Unique Playbooks, New Option Plays, Pump Fake Upgrades, MUT Missions, On Field Trainer and New Celebrations.

How much does Madden NFL 20 costs?

The Standard Edition is set at $60 which contains the basic features without any exra features or MUT upgrades. Next in line there’s the Superstar Edition priced at $80 and contains 12 Gold Team Ultimate packs and one Training item. If you’re thinking on choosing this edition, I would advice to go instead with the Madden NFL 20 UUltimate Superstar Edition for only $100. This edition however comes with one QB Legend for your Ultimate Team, a Core Elite player, a Training item and 16 GOLD Packs! If you are a big fan of this game, the Ultimate Superstar Edition is definitely the way to go.

99 Ratings on Only Four Players

This years Madden NFL gave four players the rating of 99, and here they are: Bobby Wagner, Khalik Mack, Aaron Donald and DeAndre Hopkin.

Madden NFL 20 Franchise Mode is Back!

You might surely know what this is all about, you can become a coach, an owner or even a player. You can compete in online leagues, play the preseason, the season, the playoffs and most wanted experience, to participate in the Super Bowl.

If you are looking however to practice your skills against the AI you can now play offline in friendly matches aka exhibition mode or you can even go online and play versus other real players and still as an exhibition match. It is an excellent way to test your skills and practice on becoming better without losing anything; besides, you can also customize the duration of the game, the stadiums, weather and the kits as well.

The Superstar X-Factor

This is a new feature added to Madden NFL 20 where you have abilities which are either offensive or defensive. For example an ability like Double Me can win aggressive catches against single coverage, or an ability such as Bazooka increases the maximum distance by more than 15 yards; there are more abilities for you to discover such as Fearmonger, Shutdown and so on, but we’ll leave the surprise to you.

Gameplay Experience

NFL Madden 20 comes with the new run pass options named RPOs which improves playbooks by a lot. Before this, the playbooks were very similar from one team to another, but this time it seems that EA added a lot more variety for our enjoyment. The 2020 version is available for PS4/Pro/Slim, XBOX One/X/S and PC. Unfortunately for those that own only consoles such as XBOX 360 or PS3 the game will no longer be available and neither on Nintendo Switch.

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