minecraft 4k super duper graphics pack

Minecraft Super Duper Graphics DLC Pack Will Have Amazing Visuals

The rendering lead on Minecraft, Cameron Eggbert said that the new features which Scorpio powers, allowed them to build into the game a very big variety of visual features that will change the game as we know it, while maintaining the magic of this game.

This is Peter Poulson, and today we are going to talk about Super Duper Graphics DLC Pack! The Minecraft visuals are timeless and to many they are very charming. Because of this, they (the guys that are creating this game) take great care into every pixel and every change they make. The power and technology of Scorpio is amazing, there has never been a better time of Minecraft to do something new.

minecraft super duper pack dlc

Source: Minecraft.net

Minecraft Super Duper Graphics Pack Sneak Peak

Let’s take a look at the Super Duper Graphics Pack and some of the features that will combine the technology of Scorpio and the beloved Minecraft style. One of these features is Specular Maps, which control the way they lie and move across the surface of an object. The blocks are now shiny and the light reacts differently as you move past them. The rails which are no longer flat, are a great example with what we an now do with the additional 3D geometry. Both specular maps and 3D geometry can now be added to any block or mob in the game with the release of this DLC pack. Another addition to the game’s material are emissive maps which can make a material appear to give off light.

While this was in the game already on a few things like the torches and the red-stone lamps, now you can apply that properly to anything. They have applied it to the diamond door and glazed terracotta blocks.

They also added a highlight to the edges of blocks, mobs and items, it is quite subtle but it adds a clearer definition to everything in the game and helps to reinforce the Minecraft block core.

Minecraft block lightning
Source: Reddit.com

Lightning is another key elements that reinforces the time of day and influences how you build and explore the new dynamic lighting and helps the players create a strong emotional connection with the creations and the world around.

They added directional lightning to every single block in the game, tone mapping and dynamic exposure allows richer colors, more contrast and HDR support with atmospheric scattering that creates a sense of scale and light propagation throughout the air. Also direction shadows on the terrain and Minecraft mods create a more sophisticated look for our community’s worlds and creations. On Scorpio they push the draw distance out much farther than XBOX One, allowing spectacular views and allowing you to see more of your world at once.

They are also adding animated foliage and recreating water techniques. The water rendering utilizes parallax occlusion mapping so that each texel can move and have complex animation, enhancing the visual depth and reflections.

minecraft water update 4k
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Players will now have full control of all these great features, regardless of platform. Minecraft on Scorpio expands the console experience with enhanced visuals, improved performance, delivering things that were previously available only with mods on PC. For players, this means exploring, building and surviving will be something for them to rediscover with the Super Duper Graphics pack coming out soon.

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