Online Generator Hacks for Gems & Everything You Need To Know About Them

To understand all of this, we need to go back in time. Many years ago when these type of online hacks appeared, they were just a few out there and only for a few games. At first, they all worked like a wonder, and as players had success with them in obtaining free gems and coins, they were spreading the word on their social media, colleagues at school or work, you name it. The fast rise in popularity of certain hacks raised a flag and it was easy detectable by the gaming creators. As a result, with every new update the specific game was having, the hack stopped working.

The hacks creators were finding a way around the new patch and were making the hack work again, but then again, it would take only a few days or even hours for fixed hack to stop working again! This was frustrating for both the players using it and the creators coding the hack! Before we begin, know that it comes down to personal preference whether you are a person who would cheat in video games or not, because after all, there are 3 different types of gaming hacks.

Why are there so many fake hacks and only so few working?

The first measure was to implement survey lockers over the generate button. This lead to a reduction in the succesful attempts of using the hack, some people were too lazy to complete the surveys to unlock the hack, or they simply couldn’t. For a time, this worked to reduce the amount of patches done on the current hacks implementing this method, but eventually it didn’t work out since it was confirmed in various communities that a specific online hack was working, not even the survey was stopping the swarm of players abusing it or using bots to get the script and use it themselves.

hack gems

The second and final measure is the one which worked, but in the same time it is also the method that brought chaos to the whole scene. It all started in a small forum, where a group of players were angry that their cheats were getting patched so often because of new players using them, so what they did was to clone the online generator hacks, upload them online under various different sites, and promote it as working. The thing here is that these cloned hacks had only the design cloned and not the script itself. Fast forward to this story a few years later, if you now are trying to find a Fortnite hack for example, good luck finding the real legit root source.

The few hundred  or thousand players that have access to the working hacks are uploading clones of the design, then when a newcomer find few of these hacks, tries them and see they do not work, he abandons the idea of searching and calls them all fake. In doing so, the gaming hack scene is diluted with over 90% of fakes and in the same time, 90% of players that will not abuse the real source. What happens in this case is that the real hacks are protected from abuse and remain undetected as they stay under the radar, which results in having an online generator working for months or even years before it gets patched. Some hack creators even go as far as moving their own working hack elsewhere while leaving their site up and no longer working, only to keep their patch undetected.

Therefore, it is not they are all fake, it’s just that the internet is full of online generators that do not work only to protect the real ones from working. Whether you find the right source or have them recommended by someone, it comes to eventually to luck and persistence.

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