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Red Dead Redemption 2 News on Latest Rumors, Story and Gameplay

2018’s biggest release is more than likely going to be Rockstar’s game Red Dead Redemption 2 as it’s already been about four years since Rockstar Games released a video game and that was obviously Grand Theft Auto 5 which received universal acclaim and currently has sold 85 million copies being the best-selling game of all time in the best-selling game of all time in the United States. Aside from the success of Rockstar Games most recent title, Red Dead Redemption 2 is the prequel to what many consider one of the greatest video games ever made. Still though there’s a lot of things we do not know about this next installment and today we are going to go through everything you need to know about Red Dead Redemption 2.

In case you haven’t seen the second official trailer, see below

Are we going to be able to play it on PC?

Red Dead Redemption was the game that did not receive a PC port which has been one of the biggest complaints made by fans over the years so when Red Dead Redemption 2 was revealed again many fans were disappointed.

red dead redemption 2 pc version

One of the biggest differences is that Red Dead Redemption was plagued by development hell where the reports made over the years by former employees saying the game’s coding was such a mess that a port of the game or remaster would just cost too much. Being that Red Dead Redemption 2 will hopefully have a smoother development, many analysts and insiders believe alike to grant a PC release which will follow months after the console release.

Weapons Customization

As expected with Rockstar having better technology with a jump from the Xbox 360 to the Xbox one and the PS3 to the PS4, we’re going to see a lot less limitations which will hopefully bring a lot more features. Based on some of the footage and screenshots shown thus far, it’s believed we may be able to change the look of our weapons. Certain revolvers and rifles have been spotted with engravings which could be the sign of special designs that can be obtained at gunsmith or blacksmiths which has also been spotted. It’s unknown how far Rockstar could go with this but it would be nice to spend money our own custom weapons.

Introduction to Travel by Boats & World’s Map

first we need to look at Red Dead Redemption 2’s leaked world map which is confirmed now based on almost every single location being found within the trailers and also TechRadar confirming it last year with Rockstar sources.

red dead redemption 2 leaked map

This map indicates we will have a lot of water and the hope is we will be able to explore some of this as seen in the first game’s trailer, we did see a canoe being used and maybe that is our first indication that we will be able to travel across the map with a boat.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Story Lore

This isn’t really a spoiler as this is mentioned at the beginning of Red Dead Redemption, but John Marston was left for dead after being shot in a failed robbery in 1906. He was left for dead by his former gang he was left for dead by his former gang members which included Bill Williamson, Javier Escuella and the leader Dutch van der Linde.

Red Dead Redemption 2 story gameplay

After this notable event, John Marston attempts retiring from his outlaw life and tries settling down with his family by running a ranch in Beecher’s Hope leading into the events that occurred in Red Dead Redemption. Many fans believe Arthur Morgan’s story will end with this failed robbery as it will involve Dutch van der Linde’s gang and it will directly tie into Red Dead Redemption. Personally I kind of hope we don’t get this as I feel it’s the most obvious storytelling route but time will tell.

Let’s talk about Operating and Owning Properties

GTA 5 allowed us to own properties and make some income but the implementation of this feature would take it a step further allowing us the players to run our own ranch or maybe even oil business. Red Dead Redemption did have a job or two like serving as a Night Watch, well this would be a like full scale feature which if implemented properly could be huge as we could attack competition destroying their business and maybe drive prices up creating our own little monopoly.

The Special Wanted Level Enemy

In the first game, we could face the Mexican we could face the Mexican army, U.S. marshals, bounty hunters and police when we had a bounty. The hope is that if we raise our bounty high enough a special enemy like a Pinkerton agent would come after us.

The return of Jack Marston

Now it’s clear this next installment is going to be a prequel but many fans theorize that Jack Marston could be the storyteller of Red Dead Redemption 1 & 2. all of this could have been coming from his perspective, the evidence thus far links to some of the conversation John has with Jack, encouraging him to write a book and an Easter egg in GTA V in which a book has an author of Jack Marston which many believe stands for Jack Marston. I think it would be one hell of a twist if the game ends with an old Jack Marston being revealed as the author of the Red Dead Redemption series.

red dead redemption II DLC single player

Will Red Dead Redemption 2 have a Single Player DLC?

One of the biggest hopes is that Rockstar will have another single player DLC that is in the spirit of Red Dead Redemption. I personally think this would be beneficial for the single-player and multiplayer, allowing Rockstar a lot more multiplayer allowing Rockstar a lot more freedom with a fantasy DLC pack possibly this time around instead of zombies maybe we face aliens.

Should the Online Battle Royale Mode be implemented?

With the popularity growing with games PUBG and Fortnight and even GTA online incorporating its own battle royale mode recently, many fans think Rockstar could do the same with Red Dead online. Personally I’m not exactly sure how this could work in a Western but I think it would be interesting.

Multiple Protagonists

Rockstar Games is well known for their misdirection within their trailers which is usually to showcase something differently than what is actually happening in the game. Some fans think we could be able to play as more than one character possibly the tough blonde character or even Dutch van der Linde. Personally I think Arthur Morgan is our sole main protagonist but that does not mean we may not be able to play as other characters during certain missions or situations.

Is Arthur Morgan’s fate already decided?

One of the biggest mysteries fans have a tough time understanding is how come Arthur Morgan would not get mentioned within RDR which leads to many thinking he has to die during Red Dead Redemption 2.

arthur morgan red dead redemption 2

I think the confusion with this thinking is that a lot of people assume Arthur Morgan is a part of Dutch van der Ling’s gang when in reality he very likely could be an outsider working with the gang for whatever reason. Either way I think we can expect Rockstar to give a reason for why Arthur Morgan doesn’t get mentioned in this game which still doesn’t necessarily mean he has to die.

John Marston’s return and role

We know that John Marston’s return in this prequel is inevitable and Rockstar clearly is waiting til the right time to show him. But still questions remain whether he could take the center spotlight again in the story or serve in a more minor role. Only time will tell, but it certainly seems that a lot of aspects that we loved in Red Dead Redemption will be coming back.

Estimated Release Date?

Based on numerous rumors and official hints towards the time when this game will hit the stores, we can say that it will happen some time between April and July 2018.

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