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Sea of Thieves Review Leaked Details and Release Date

Every few years we come across a game that changes the landscape of the Internet from the usual platforms and we’ve seen it a few times this decade in fact with games like Minecraft, Five Nights at Freddy’s series and PUBG for the most recent example. I am here today to try explain why I believe why Sea of Thieves will join the list of these revolutionary games and change the landscape of modern games, once more.

Sea of Thieves Release Date Has Been Announced

There have been plenty of rumors about when is this game going to come out and most of the sources are claiming that it will be the early part of the year 2018. To be more exact on this information, the latest rumor on the release date for Sea of Thieves it ill be during the time frame of 10 February and 20 March 2018. We will update this information with more accuracy very soon.

Pirates have existed in fiction for a while and they are pretty popular as with film and shows they can even reach the mainstream but when it comes to video games it’s pretty void unless you count Sesame Street Black Flag, but that’s history, shrilly subset of the Assassin’s Creed formula. In this void of game, because if you think that a pirate game it would have a lot of potential if it was executed correctly and this is where Sea of Thieves comes in, as this game is made by creators of classic games and is really going for the best possible outcome for a pirate game while emphasizing mostly the game-play aspects.

sea of thieves MMO

Players will be playing on the surface of a shared world and this is going to bring out a ton of interaction between them, increasing the game-play potential as well as the monumental task in the developer side as having a shared world with thousands if not millions at time of players, which is an extravagant task that we can only hope they are able to achieve it. The developers also want everyone to be able to play the game, therefore they are creating certain settings so that people can play this game even on the most horrible machines.

It’s me Tommy, and I have been incredibly excited to try this game since I have visited Rare Studios last year after seeing the game being unveiled at E3. And even more I managed to get my hands on it, but here are some of my reasons for which you should be excited to play Sea of Thieves.

What’s the Fuzz on Sea of Thieves?

This game allows you to fulfill those childhood dreams that you had to do everything a pirate does, everything you learned from watching Pirates of the Caribbean, from fighting skeletons, drinking all the rum you could find, finding treasures and even to potentially release the Kraken. But most importantly is to get yourself immersed into this incredible world that was created where everyone I have seen so far that is playing, is having an incredible time. If you play this game with your friends, this is that genre where you have things that you can share with them in your free time. You can leave your mates behind if they fall off the ship for example.

There are Plenty of Little Details that Makes this Game So Fun

Everything is so simple and logical, in 5 minutes I was sailing to the sunset, until I got into a fight with another crew and I remember the moment when me and my crew realized were actually sinking, me and a couple of others completely giving up on firing back our canons, and we just attempted to patch up the holes in our deck, while screaming at each other and laughing and realizing that we were going to go down and sink which was a bit gutting, but the whole experience was epic. This is only scratching the surface of what Sea of Thieves can offer, for example another thing that you just have to get excited about is some hilariously awesome features in Sea of Thieves, is that you can except to drink a ton of rum with a bunch of pirates then stop walking straight as you are going to be a drunk pirate who might fall of the ship by mistake or you could play the accordion while sailing the ocean, among other small details like these that makes the game so much fun.

Aye Aye, captain!

The memories and fun times you are going to have while playing this game are incredible, I have personally been playing the older versions since I was a kid, and I will be streaming many live Sea of Thieves gameplays pretty soon. Stay tuned as I will be updating this article with more news on this game!

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