Using Cheats & Hacks in Games: Are you a Bad Boy?

Let’s imagine you are playing the same video game everyday because you really like it and it resonates with what you are expecting from it. At some point, you might get stuck on a level and can’t seem to find any solution to get passed that problem, you try searching online for a solution but all results seem to be unhelpful. Suddenly, a new idea pops in your head: what if I would use some cheats?

Now there are 3 different types of cheats and hacks that gamers use in video games, so let’s dive right into them:

1. Multiplayer Gaming Cheats to Offer Game Advantage Over the Other Player

This is one of the most common forms of cheating, it is the most troll-like route you can go as these type of cheats usually contains programs such as aim bots, wall hacks, instant kill, head shot lock, invisible, no recoil and the list can go on and on. Why people use these type of hacks? Well, the answer is that they are either too bored of the game for playing it for way too long and now they are looking to troll other people, or because they really suck at the game so bad that the only way they can get a bit of action is by using a big advantage over the other experienced players; of course, I am talking about multi-player games here such as Fortnite, Overwatch, Counter Strike etc.

What can we do to either find these cheats or avoid other players using them?

If you want to find such cheats, simply Google about what you want to find and you will find a lot of sources, just remember that everything you find that is downloadable, always scan it with the online scanner Virus Total which inspects whatever you upload with over 70 up-to-date antivirus scanners, not just 1 as you probably have on your device. PS Now there are viruses that can infect your mobile as well, so careful whenever you download shady APK or IPA files.

To avoid game rooms where you suspect other players are using such cheats, just make sure you enter a secured server where its administrators are specifying explicitly that they have anti-cheats measures implemented. And if you suspect someone using a wall hack or an aim bt for example, just report it to the admin of that server and he’ll take care of it, however most of the times it is less time consuming to simply switch the server and join another.

fortnite hack
Example of a Fortnite Wall Hack

In the end, whether you want to find or avoid such gaming cheats, it is up to you and nobody should judge you for your choice, perhaps with the exception of a raging enemy player yelling at you for using a head-shot aim lock. The problem is that if you use only such game hacks, you will never really develop any real skills and besides having a weird type of fun, you will never really be good at that game. Maybe, all that really matters in a game is having fun and if for you that’s the way to go, then you’re a bad boy gamer!

2. Classic Gaming Cheat Codes

Gaming cheat codes are usually hidden codes which you type while you are in-game and suddenly a script starts, altering a function in the game. This is usually implemented for fun purposes for people that don’t care much about the story line of a game and just want to have fun. The game itself might already have these functions implemented, or a script can be used which will alter the game. For example, nearly all GTA games have such cheat codes, you can reduce your Wanted Stars level or fill them up, you can get tanks or airplanes right in front of you, get unlimited ammo cheats and specific guns, make every other NPC character go crazy or turn into a cat, the possibilities are vast.

Classic GTA cheat code for turning CJ into Batman

There is nothing wrong in using such cheat codes, the only thing you should consider is that if in order to achieve this, if you need to download any script. If you do, always scan it first and make sure that a “surprise” won’t come along the cheat program.

3. The Popular Online Generators For Free Gems & Coins

The rise in popularity of online generators initially started because of the possibility to integrate the functions of a program script (which initially you were supposed to install to your computer) into an online generator. This way, it is much safer and quick to use, no time lost with downloading and scanning with your anti virus for potential threats and usually with a very friendly user interface. At first, this was very appreciated by the entire gaming community, but soon enough, as with the rise of everything, there always comes a downside.

The short story is that at first, such hacks were few and all working great. Popularity increased, abuse started, they were detected and patched very fast. Took weeks for the hack coders to un-patch it with a new version and only a day to have them patched back by the game creators. Surveys were implemented and only worked for a period to reduce the abuse of the online hack generators. After that, players that knew the working sources, started creating fake online generators in order dilute the gems hack scene, and this started to work since it became more difficult to find the real source since everybody claimed that it was working. Next, periodically even the real source was replaced with a fake and moved while only a small portion knew, which eventually lead to maintaining these type of hacks un-patched and working, but unfortunately only for a few that were willing to keep diving in Google searches and find the one that works.

If you wish to find out more about this topic, read on here about everything you need to know about Online Generator Hacks and make sure you go through the whole post as it is quite the history lesson. Leave a comment below and describe your experience with using cheat and hacks in video games.

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