Why is Juventus not in FIFA 2020? Piemonte Calcio meaning

Unfortunately Juventus is not going to appear in FIFA 2020 as it’s going to offer exclusivity to PES 2020, what that means and how that’s going to be affecting both games remains to be seen. Everybody still hope that there will appear a solution and bring Juventus & C. Ronaldo back in the game until the FIFA 2020 release date on September 27, 2019 when the he game is set to be released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC Windows and Nintendo Switch platforms. However it seems that this decision is “set in stone” official the team tweeted recently that they are going with PES 2020,  as the team signed exclusive rights with the video game Pro Evolution Soccer 2020, a direct competitor to FIFA.

Juventus is not going to be available in FIFA 2020, we won’t see their kits, stadium and names anymore, however the players will still be the same, with the appropriate up-to-date skills and faces, so don’t despair, you will still get to play with Ronaldo, Dybala, Mandžukić, Ramsey, Buffon (yes, he’s back) and all the others. In a way, you are now experiencing the Premier League of PES where they do not own the license of half the teams.

FIFA 2020 Juventus New Name?

The new name under which Juventus will play in FIFA 2020 is going to be Piemonte Calcio. What is the meaning of this new name? Well, Juventus is geographically located in the city of Turin which is also a region of Piedmont, near France and Switzerland. Calcio in Italian means “football” or “kick”, so the combination of these two are as close as they could get symbolically without violating any license. We could see a Yuventus or a Mooventus, however that would be quite strange.

Is this a war between EA vs Konami?

Honestly, it would be a pity if this marketing approach would continue, eventually in 10 years from now on as the competition gets tighter between these two giants, we wouldn’t want to see half the teams in both games under different names and kits just because of exclusive licenses. Perhaps at some point there could be created a loophole where players can upload their own logos and change the names of existing teams, but that is very unlikely to happen anytime soon.

Before we even consider whether it is alright what these two companies are doing, before everything, we should remember that they are a bussiness and will not flint an eye at the opportunity to get an edge over their competitor. And with that being said, it will always come down to the club itself, who can choose to sign an exclusive agreement with only one party and refuse to shake the hand with the other, as nearly all the other clubs are doing. In a way we could be saying that they are selling their souls to the highest bidder, but if we think about it, even clubs are a business.

Hopefully the passion for football will never die and as time goes, the ones that are managing the gaming companies and these clubs will realize that in life there is more than just more money. There are millions of people that grew up with FIFA, filled with beautiful memories of their team wearing normal names instead of some made up names due to a lack of license. What do you think about this move? Is it going to last every year from now on, or is Juventus going to give up the exclusivity the next year? Write your opinion in the comments below.

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  • FIFA gets a taste of PES hahaha, I bet KONAMI paid Juventus a lot of money to refuse FIFA because FIFA did this to KONAMI all years and now the tables are turning

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